About us

There are many individual pages on the internet with guides, lists and reviews of vegan products in North American supermarkets. If you find a product and are not sure whether it is vegan, a Google search often helps – and sometimes it doesn't. If you happen to go to a store you usually don't visit, or just want to explore the variety of new vegan snacks, there does not seem to be any overview that also provides additional information on each product.

In early 2019, we decided to change this and built snacks|vegan. We add new product discoveries every week.

We want to keep this website simple and informative, and offer the most useful functions for every situation at the same time:

Store filter. The results can easily be restricted to individual stores. This is a convenient way to find out which products to look out for while you are shopping.

Product categories. It is just as simple to filter by a specific product category. Useful in case you are still looking for a salty snack for a cozy TV night, a party or another event. If you are looking for a gift for somebody following a plant-based diet, this is right for you! Or maybe you are just curious and want to see what a vegan diet offers…

Start page. Here you find an overview of all products listed in our database. The most recent additions always appear in the leftmost column (or on the top of the page if you are visiting the website on your smartphone).

If you have any questions or feedback on our service, please feel free to contact us using our contact form. Every message is welcome and we always try to reply as quickly as possible.